Can we trust Corzine’s decision-making ability?

It seems that Corzine’s pick for Paterson Superintendent of Schools is as capable as Corzine himself.

Donnie Evans, Gov. Jon Corzine’s pick to be the new Paterson Superintendent of Schools, left his last job amidst considerable criticism of his actions during a 2007 snowstorm that left more than 100 children stuck on school buses for nearly six hours.  Evans, who was the Providence, Rhode Island Superintendent of Schools from 2005 to 2008, announced he would leave his post just a few before the school board was set to vote on his reappointment.  One week earlier, the local teachers union passed a no confidence vote on Evans’ job performance.

But hey, they are just children at risk, they can’t vote! Why not reward incompetence at the highest level?


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