Corzine’s blue-ribbon panel rewards illegal immigrants

Did we expect anything less? With New Jersey leading the nation in unemployment, Corzine wants to ensure that people that want to work will have to compete with people in this country illegally.

Ultra-liberal groups are rallying behind Jon, lauding his untenable position.

At a press conference this morning, Gov. Jon Corzine unveiled the results of his Blue Ribbon Panel on Immigration Policy, which included recommendations for the establishment of an Office on New Americans to help integrate immigrant families into the state’s culture and work force.  Policy experts at the Progressive States Network (PSN) were quick to praise the panel’s recommendations, which they placed within an emerging trend among state lawmakers to include working immigrant families into plans for shared economic growth.

These groups refuse to admit these “undocumented workers” are here illegally, in violation of federal laws. They usually use the misleading term “immigrants”, refusing to distinguish between the many that have entered this country according to the rules of law and those that have blatantly circumvented the laws.

They will often mention that these illegals are working in jobs that Americans don’t want.  They refuse to admit that many welfare recipients are ideally suited for these jobs, and don’t want any job, let alone a field job.

However, as long as we have legal citizens in need of work, it is unconscionable to work to provide jobs and legitimacy to illegals. It is also wrong to deny hard working contractors and tradespeople jobs to illegals that are willing to work at sub-par wages.


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