Press of Atlantic City Endorses Christie

The Press endorsed Christie for Governor. In a well-written editorial, they raised the same concerns that I have, such as loosening spending limits on government travel (we should be tightening and adding more restrictions on the use of taxpayer money)…

Christie is not without flaws. We are troubled by his cavalier attitude regarding reimbursement limits on government travel expenses, as well as the appearance of political posturing while he served as U.S. Attorney. Still, these ethical questions – hammered home by the moneyed Corzine campaign – do not outweigh qualities that make him the right person to fix what’s wrong in Trenton.

However, the Press came out strongly against Corzine’s deplorable record and inability to keep even one campaign promise.

We endorsed Corzine during the last race, but his term has been a disappointment. He has been less than effective in dealing with the Legislature. He has strived, too weakly at times, for fiscal prudence…

They had words that were way too kind for Daggett, but at least conceded that he is too much of a long shot to be anything but a spoiler for Christie. Daggett is making the same promise to raise taxes that Corzine did. Corzine raised our sales tax promising that it would be used to offset property taxes. If your property taxes decreased under Corzine, then by all means, vote for him.

Daggett would raise sales taxes, but has absolutely no plan to reduce property taxes – just like Corzine. New Jersey CANNOT tax itself into prosperity!


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