Asbury Park Press – Vote for Christie

The Asbury Park Press demands that we make New Jersey once again affordable for the middle class, and they say Christie is the man to do that!

Cut taxes and reduce government spending. Make New Jersey affordable again for the middle class. Enact ethics reforms that will discourage political corruption and help restore the public’s faith in their elected officials.

While the mainstream press is reluctant to call Corzine corrupt, the fact is that he has turned a blind eye as his political cohorts, men that he supported and endorsed, have been lead off in handcuffs left and right. This in itself should be cause for concern. In New Jersey, if you are a business the ONLY way to get a government contract is to donate heavily to political campaigns.

For the most part, Gov. Jon Corzine and the Legislature have stood on their hands. Corzine’s halfway measures on everything from curbing spending and borrowing, ending the excesses of the public employee unions and implementing reforms aimed at transforming the culture of corruption and self-serving decision-making in New Jersey have fallen far short of what is required to put New Jersey back on track.

Corzine’s ethics reform was so full of holes that it has hardly been a bump in the road for pay-to-play. Corzine’s budget relied too heavily on postponing debt, leaving us with an $8 BILLION (yes, that is Billion with a “B”) deficit in 2010 before we even welcome in the new year.

The Press does acknowledge some disturbing facts about Christie:

Christie has run a disappointing campaign. He has made himself vulnerable on a number of ethics-related issues.

This information is disappointing, but does not even come close to the ethics lapses of our governor. Christie’s driving record? At least he didn’t have his state police driver break the law and crash a state vehicle recklessly, and at the same time refuse to wear a seat-belt. A loan to someone he worked with? That loan was less than 10% of the loan that Corzine gave to a union leader, and then proceeded to continually favor the unions in negotiations, driving up New Jersey debt and making no concessions that favor the taxpayers. Corzine’s loan is much more disturbing to this taxpayer.

Much more disturbing to this taxpayer is Corzine’s record so far:

New Jersey continues to have the highest property taxes, second-highest sales tax rate and third-highest top income rate in the nation. Corzine increased the sales tax from 6 cents to 7 cents, raised the top income tax rate to 10.67 percent, increased tolls on the Garden State Parkway and New Jersey Turnpike and watched as the state’s unfunded liabilities — pensions, health care and debt — continued to soar.

One might be convinced that Daggett is a viable alternative. Unfortunately, he will be a spoiler in this election. He has no way of winning, bar a miracle or massive voter fraud that is typical of Democrats, and of which he does not have the resources to perpetrate!

Daggett has no realistic plan, and his ideas would be worse than Corzine’s. In fact, the only people to benefit under Daggett woould be those with incomes above $125,000.

Daggett wants to eliminate all of the existing property tax relief programs, including Homestead Rebates. For most homeowners, the plan would provide little or no net tax relief. The primary beneficiaries of the plan, an analysis by Assemblyman Samuel Thompson, R-Monmouth, found, would be those with incomes of more than $125,000. Daggett also supports an increase in the gasoline tax and putting tolls on highways now without them. He also sees no value in pushing for consolidation of schools and municipalities, and opposes giving citizens the right to put questions on the ballot through initiative and referendum.

My worst fear is that this Christie would be like a former republican Christie – I voted for Whitman with hopes that she would bring much needed reform to this state. She failed miserably, setting the standard for future governors to defer pension payments and helping to create this fiscal mess we are in.

However, we KNOW what Corzine is going to do. Can we afford another four years? I don’t think so. Corzine has shown that he is not a leader. Corzine has proven that he is too willing to cave in to special interests and cater to the unions, while New Jersey boasts some of the highest unemployment rates int he union.

Corzine’s advice to you if you want a job? “Move to Nebraska!” That’s right. He could care less that you are struggling, and would prefer that the whining working class, struggling to pay mortgages and find a job move out of state. His treasurer said, with a straight face, that New Jersey residents are NOT overtaxed. Hopelessly out of touch, maybe it is time to see Corzine in the unemployment line this fall!


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