Corzine defends his contributions to Joseph Ferriero

During last night’s debate, Jon Corzine lied and pretended that Gore and Obama somehow benefited from his generous support of the corrupt Bergen County chair, Joseph Ferriero.

“I believe the governor’s an honest man,” Mr. Christie said. “But the fact is that his money has enabled people like Joe Ferriero to remain in power.”

Mr. Corzine had none of it, saying his donations had been to help Democrats like Al Gore and President Obama carry Bergen…

The fact is, Mr. Corzine, is that you contributed heavily to a corrupt party chairman. If Gore and Obama needed to carry this corrupt county, then their campaigns should have put money there. You turned a blind eye to a corrupt politician, just as you have for the past four years. New Jersey residents have been embarrassed enough as we have had to endure news story after news story of yet another corrupt Democrat politician that you supported, either in photo ops or financial contributions, was led off in handcuffs.


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