NJGOP Demands Answers About Corzine Advising Administration to “Stretch Truth”

This is an interesting piece concerning Corzine using government employees to campaign, and telling them to lie to get him reelected.

Following the release of a Corzine Administration memo encouraging administration officials to “stretch” the truth to New Jerseyans about Jon Corzine’s failed economic policies, the New Jersey Republican State Committee today filed OPRA requests seeking answers about the full extent of similar activities taking place among the taxpayer-funded state staff of Governor Corzine. In the light of today’s dismal unemployment figures, New Jeseyans deserve the truth about the lengths to which the Corzine administration will go to spin its abysmal record on the issue.”Governor Corzine’s failed economic record is no secret. We continue to struggle with the worst unemployment in 33 years, hundreds of thousands of jobs losses, and a tax climate that drives businesses and families out of our state,” said New Jersey Republican State Committee Chairman Jay Webber. “The Corzine Administration memo released yesterday now confirms that administration officials have been pressured to bolster the Governor’s re-election efforts by not playing it straight with their official duties. The Governor is telling them to get ‘creative’ and ‘stretch’ the truth. We know the Governor can’t create jobs, now it looks like he had his staff cook the books to create them out of thin air. This is an insult to New Jerseyans as they struggle under Governor Corzine’s economic failures and a betrayal of their trust. The people deserve answers now.”

The activity detailed in the memo, including directives for Corzine staff to ‘stretch’ and ‘get creative,‘ confirms a disturbing pattern of irregularities in labor reports from Corzine’s Department of Labor and Workforce development.

STAR LEDGER REPORTS: “I know that it might be a stretch for some of you, but please be creative,” the e-mail states. “While many programs might not created (sic) jobs directly, they do have some connection to job creation either through training, giving money to sustain employment or create demand for workers.”

As the state’s unemployment rate has crept up in recent months, Corzine has pointed to private sector job growth as a silver lining. Last month, the state announced an increase in private sector jobs in July and August, even as the overall unemployment rate hit 9.7 percent in August — matching the national rate. (Josh Margolin, ” Memo From Gov. Corzine’s Office Asks Administration To Orchestrate Job Creation Events,” Star-Ledger, 9/13/09)

For consecutive months, the Department has revised downward its initially optimistic reports on job creation in the private sector.  But first, the initial figures became a feature of the Corzine reelection campaign, appearing regularly in press releases, television ads, and every imaginable campaign communication.  New Jerseyans deserve to know: what coordination has Corzine’s taxpayer-funded staff had with his political campaign staff? What directives have been given to state staff?  What other activities have taken place to mislead voters about the Governor’s record? And for how long have senior aides in the Corzine Administration been ‘getting creative’ with employment reports?  Governor Corzine must be fully transparent on this issue.


One Response to “NJGOP Demands Answers About Corzine Advising Administration to “Stretch Truth””

  1. Interesting post! I was lead to it by a possible connection with my recent post.

    Honest, your posts are much focus and better than my ones.

    I worked in programs that were supporting the increasing of jobs and believe me, it is so difficult to see the numbers going up in private sector, but this is a reality and take it as it is. I never tried to increased the numbers and always advised the service providers to be honest and therefore underlining by providing real figures what really mean to create a job in a real economy.

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