Corzine tries to hide his political donations by REFUSING to file tax return

What does Corzine have to hide? He is refusing to abide by federal law and file his tax return for his foundation.

Over the years, Gov. Jon Corzine has had to contend with bad headlines stemming from his personal wealth — and his charitable donations.

That’s because in addition to a wide range of typical charities, Corzine has sent big bucks to community and religious causes connected to those who can help his political aspirations, like the North Ward Center, run by Newark political boss Steve Adubato, and the churches of prominent black ministers.

Corzine’s charitable giving is detailed each year in tax returns filed by his foundation. They are a matter of public record. This year, however, Corzine’s accountants have asked for two filing extensions, saying “all information necessary to file a complete and accurate tax return is not yet available.” According to records released by the campaign, Corzine’s foundation is to file his 2008 return by Nov. 16, two weeks after Election Day. The campaign declined to comment.

Jon Corzine is so arrogant that he is telling the taxpayers and voters that they do not have the right to know who he is paying off to get out the vote for him.  Who is he giving to? Who is supporting him. People like Jesse Jackson? Does Jesse Jackson represent your best interests?

During his 2000 U.S. Senate campaign, Corzine avoided questions about his foundation until political pressure forced him to reveal his contributions.  The foundation had donated more than $250,000 to future supporters, including Rev. Reginald Jackson’s church, Stephen Adubato’s North Ward Cultural Center, Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Operation Rainbow/PUSH, and Planned Parenthood.  All helped him secure the Democratic nomination in a heated primary with former Gov. Jim Florio.

We have to ask why Corzine targets welfare cheats and ex-felons to vote for him. Does this element of society represent your best interests? This is a despicable act, to hide the truth from the voters. There MUST be something contained in these reports that embarrasses even Corzine himself.


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