Corzine’s friends

Jon Corzine sure knows how to pick his political friends. Many of the indicted and arrested for bribery were his allies. Now he is standing up for an idiot politician from Jackson Township, Mike Kafton.

Kafton illegally passed a stopped handicap school bus that was loading a handicapped child. Anybody else would have been ticketed and paid. Instead, Kafton lied to the court when he postponed his court case for a vacation. He did make a council meeting when he was on his alleged commission.

He has been using his political clout to postpone this case over 12 times, delaying it for a year so that it won’t interfere with his election run this year.

But it gets much better. This guy was also caught in possession of CDS when he was arrested for drunk driving!

Kafton, who is no stranger to the municipal courts system was convicted of DUI after a 2005 arrest in Belmar, New Jersey.    Kafton pleaded guilty to the charge, but charges of possession of controlled substances were dropped after Kafton’s lawyer claimed an illegal search and seizure when police found two spent marijuana cigarettes in his ashtray, pills and an inhalant chemical local authorities also claimed as drug paraphernalia.

Jon Corzine needs to have better judgment of his friends and allies. New Jersey has enough corrupt politicians. His total lack of judgment on selecting political allies, people that use their position to violate and evade the law, is indicative of his inability to lead this state properly.


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