Future bleak for Corzine

I have to wonder what is going through Corzine’s head lately. He bought himself a senate seat. He then bought the governor’s seat. He thought there was nothing that money couldn’t buy.

He is so filthy rich off of the money that Goldman Sachs and his wall Street cronies have sucked from the economy that he is entirely out of touch with the working class. When he sees a fiscal problem in the state what does he do? He throws money at it, out of the taxpayers’ pockets. There is no tax out of his reach to hike. There are no fees that are safe from escalation. Yet he is insulated from the hardships of men and women looking for work, losing their homes, fiddling away at Drumthwacket while New Jersey burns.

Jon was quick to take this campaign into the gutter, wallowing in mud. Rather than address issues such as highest in the nation property taxes, increasing unemployment as employers desert New Jersey like rats jumping off the sinking SS Tax-me-til-I’m-broke, Corzine worries about a driving record.

Corzine, ever the hypocrite, refusing to divulge the nitty-gritty about the millions that he gave his girlfriend in exchange for sweetheart deals to the unions, he harps on a minor loan between friends.

And still, he cannot seem to climb above that 40% number than he needs in order to even have a chance in November. Corzine forgot the rule about negative campaigning. A negative ad does work. It does pull your opponent’s approval rating down. But it also impacts your own standing, as proven by Corzine’s deplorable showing. And all of the millions he is pouring into his campaign might not be enough to buy himself a second term.

It must be discouraging to look in the mirror every morning with the understanding that you are the greatest liability to your own party, and even the diehards are now beginning to plan for your departure.

Jon, it is really simple. You are not running against Bush. You are not running with Obama. you are running on your own record of broken promises and outright lies. Maybe if you had worked FOR the taxpayers rather than trying to figure out ways to dig deeper into our pockets, you would have had a chance this year.

Carl B. Johnson
Millville, NJ


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