Corzine REFUSES to cut waste in schools

New Jersey residents face the highest property taxes in the nation. About one-third of the property tax bill goes towards public education. Corzine promised to lower property taxes, but sits around and does NOTHING while school boards waste millions of tax dollars. In fact, Corzine’s Education Commissioner has refused to address the situation even after promising to put a stop to waste.

Months after Assembly Republicans identified several examples of how wasteful spending continues in New Jersey’s public school systems despite reforms touted by Governor Corzine, his Education Commissioner Lucille Davy has ignored requests by Assemblymen Alex DeCroce and Joe Malone to provide updates whether her department has taken action on any of the items discovered last spring.

Using the Open Public Records Act, Assembly Republicans found several instances of waste including staff spending lavishly while attending conferences, a superintendent spending $10,000 per episode to film a monthly television show and $25,000 spent on flight lessons for eight students.

So while you are struggling to pay your mortgage this month and pay your property taxes, or worse, looking for a job in as unemployment continues to increase under Corzine, you can be comfortable knowing that high paid school administrators are sending your money as if the source is endless. Hey, it’s only coming out of your pocket!


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