Corzine losing the teacher vote

In a scathing commentary, 8 of 9 Elizabeth school board members supported Christie over Corzine in this Democratic stronghold.

In a city that Jon Corzine carried 74%-22% four years ago, eight of the nine elected members of the Elizabeth Board of Education today endorsed Republican Christopher Christie for Governor.

“Many of the Board members endorsing Chris today are Democrats, but we all know that when it comes to providing a quality education and a hopeful future for our children, party and politics aren’t a factor,” said school board president Francisco Gonzalez.  “Governor Corzine has failed our kids in the last four years when it comes to education policy in our state and it is time for a change in leadership if we’re going to ensure our children receive the quality education they deserve.”


2 Responses to “Corzine losing the teacher vote”

  1. biggassbass Says:

    You REALLY think Christie is going to be better for the teachers. Yeh, right. Generally the Republican Party is against the teachers union, which I suppose will make it easier for the school boards. The flip side is that education funding will drop.

  2. Better for the teachers? Actually better for the taxpayers. This state is $35 BILLION in the hole for pensions. The state pension system MUST be reformed, but the unions refuse to budge.

    Teachers pay almost nothing for health benefits, while the working class struggles with no health care option.

    Teachers when they are tenured cannot be fired short of committing a heinous crime. There is absolutely no accountability for performance.

    And then we wonder why our public schools are at a disadvantage to private schools and even charter schools.

    There is an actual majority of schoolteachers that actually do hate their union for failing to work for them, as almost all unions fail to do now.

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