Why won’t Corzine do more to bring jobs to NJ?

To the Editor:

“We bring jobs to New Jersey” is a pitch of Jon Corzine’s gubernatorial campaign. That is commendable. However, I do not understand why the governor is not more personally involved in promoting Senate bill 2088, a law that would do more than anything else to bring jobs back to New Jersey

Since 2000, we have lost 20 percent of our manufacturing base. S2088 is a jobs bill in the sense that it would require contractors for state-financed projects to use a small percentage of their funds to purchase materials from New Jersey manufacturers. Forty-four other states in the nation already have similar legislation, with many being even more restrictive. New Jersey is the only state with a large manufacturing base that does not have this kind of law.

Since the allocations are still subject to lowest bid requirements, and since it affects only a fraction of the overall contract, there is no adverse effect on the cost of doing business. The bill is endorsed by the NJ Business and Industry Association. Last year, the New Jersey Assembly approved their version of the bill by a 59-20 bipartisan margin.

This year, Senate bill 2088 has been approved by the Senate Economic Growth Committee, but is being held in the Senate Budget Committee. I hope Corzine shows leadership and pushes S2088 through the Senate and signs it into law.

New Brunswick


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