New Jersey vs. North Dakota

In today Wojciech Siemaszkiewicz calls for Corzine to resign after his callous remarks to New Jersey’s unemployed masses. A millionaire, Corzine has proven that he is incapable of understanding the plight of the unemployed that have used up their benefits, and are struggling to pay bills, keep their houses, and even forgoing necessary medical care because they simply cannot afford the basic needs.

In light of Jon Corzine’s insensitive, arrogant and insulting comments that “If you want a low unemployment rate, move to North Dakota”, Jon Corzine has proved that he is completely undeserving of a second term and that the best thing that he could to help New Jersey would be for him to resign immediately and move to North Dakota.   Jon Corzine owes an immediate apology to every unemployed New Jerseyan who has been looking for work because of the economic crisis that Jon Corzine and the Trenton Democrats caused, with their job-killing tax increases, their bloated, unaccountable and incompetent state government and their choking overregulation.

It is interesting to note that at the state level, the governorship of North Dakota has been held by the Republican Party since 1992, along with a majority of the state legislature and statewide officers.  Instead of insulting North Dakota, our arrogant and incompetent governor, Jon Corzine, should instead examine that everything that he has done for the past four years has been an absolute failure and that he should look at North Dakota’s economy for solutions as the Republican Party has done an outstanding job managing the state economy there.

Corzine continues to blame George Bush for the economy in New Jersey, despite the fact that New Jersey has been under total Democratic domination for well over a decade. His party’s solution to the problems have been to chase away new jobs, and to increase every tax, and find new things to tax, and to increase existing fees and levy new fees on the residents of the state, pushing millions into bankruptcy or insolvency.

He promised property tax relief, and yet every municipality in the state has seen massive property tax increases, making New Jersey the least affordable state to live in. Obama was right, it IS time for a change!


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