One week later – and NJ unemployment jumps

One week after Jon Corzine released a new ad claiming his economic recovery plan is working, New Jersey’s unemployment jumped.

Instant karma: One week after Jon Corzine puts up an ad touting job creation, the unemployment rate in New Jersey jumps from 9.3 percent to 9.7 percent. This is the risk you run when you tout your economic plan and say, “It’s working.”


One Response to “One week later – and NJ unemployment jumps”

  1. And he regretfully informs you that since Mr. Obama did not extend benefits for those whose benefits are exhausted he gleefully puts you on the fast track to nowhere by suggesting welfare, food stamps, rental assistance, utility aid etc. etc. etc. He does not say that Obama promised that those benefits would be extended. He does not say that the road to public assistance is degrading, dehumanizing and discouraging. He does not talk about the millions of dollars he and Obama are spending on his re-election campaign, and all of this goes on in the face of those who need their help most. I am so sorry that I supported these people and anyone in their right mind will feel the same way. 4 more years of Corzine in NJ will mean 4 more years of corruption and a vermin filled HCDO. We have to come together or we will truly lose more than what we had imagined. Obama, Corzine and Healy are an unholy trinity.

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