Candidates to Debate!

The debates are on!

Jon Corzine dropped his transparent ploy to move the debates to coincide with the World Series, hoping to reduce the audience as much as possible. I am sure he also wanted to ensure the opponents had less time to take the sound bites of his rhetoric during said debates and use it against him. Jon’s own words are his worst enemy. Corzine lied to us the last time he ran. He claimed his wall Street expertise would save New jersey, never expecting that Wall Street bankers would drive the entire country to the brink of bankruptcy. He lied when he promised to lower property taxes. He lied when he promised to increase tax rebates. He lied when he promised much needed ethics reform. And apprantly he lied when he claimed that the ONLY open date on his calendar in October for a debate was October 22.

Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine, Republican challenger Chris Christie and Independent Chris Daggett will meet in two ELEC-sanctioned televised debates, the first on NJN-TV on Oct. 1 and the second at William Paterson College on Oct. 16. That debate will be televised two days later on WWOR (Channel 9) in New York and on WTFX (Channel 29) in Philadelphia.

A debate between the three lieutenant governor candidates, sponsored by Leadership New Jersey Consortium, is set for Oct. 8.


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