Corzine playing games with the World Series?

The language from this blogger is a but rougher than we usually print, and we have not confirmed the details. However, if it is true, it is a worthwhile read. It confirms what we have always thought about Jon Corzine’s integrity (or lack thereof).

Corzine = Scumbag

Jon Corzine, I just learned, requested the ELEC commission to change the dates of the gubernatorial debates to October 22. this is proof that Corzine hates New Jersey. Or maybe he is a total chicken and does not want anyone to watch him debate.

You ask how I can come to this conclusion? Easy – October 22 will be game 5 (barring a sweep) of the World Series.

The AL leaders, by far – and dead nuts guaranteed to be in the series are the Yankees. If you live in North Jersey, you are a yankees fan.

The NL East leaders by 7 games are the Phillies. The Phils are last years World Series Champs. Corzine is betting on a Philly-New York Series which would guiarantee that nobody would be watching him spew garbage in a debate.

And I do want to watch the debate, as Corzine tries to justify lying to NJ residents repeatedly, and breaking every god-damned campaign promise he made.  I dare anyone to show evidence of him keeping even one promise.

I want him to justify the hundreds of New Jersey politicians that are either behind bars, or will be real soon, and how he had no clue they were corrupt as he campaigned with and for many of them.

I hope he fails. He is a fucking liar, claiming that October 22 is “the only day” that he can possibly schedule free for a debate. That lie is transparent – and this is proof that he is scared to debate and knows that he cannot possibly answer tough questions that will surely be put to him.


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