In today’s Asbury Park Press, a letter to the editor:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie and his wife loaned a friend, whose husband lost his job, some money to help them out while Christie was U.S. Attorney. An agreement was reached on how the money would be paid back and a record of that is on file in the county clerk’s office where both parties reside. Gov. Jon Corzine was quoted as saying, “the episode raises grave questions.”

Corzine has a short memory of when he gave his former girlfriend, Carla Katz, a large sum of money when she was president of the largest state employee union in Trenton. He then gave Katz’s brother-in-law $15,000 after he left the Turnpike Authority. Katz’s brother-in-law alleged he was promised a job by Corzine, who then avoided a suit by paying him $362,000.

The Rev. Reginald Jackson, executive director of the Black Ministers Council, received a loan from Corzine of $50,000. After the election, Corzine forgave the loan. Jackson had endorsed Corzine.

And then there are the e-mails between Katz and Corzine. I wonder how much it cost the taxpayers to quash that lawsuit? I wonder what was in those e-mails that the governor and Katz were so concerned about. And the governor talks about “grave questions.”

Tom Powers



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