Corzine appoints his campaign team

Corzine named his campaign team and it is disappointing to see that Joseph Roberts, a Norcross henchman is a key player supporting Jon.

A battery of Democrats — including Corzine’s campaign chairman Rep. Frank Pallone (D-6th Dist.), Rep. Donald Payne (D-10th Dist.) and state Assembly Speaker Joseph Roberts (D-Camden) — stood with the governor at the Marriott in Trenton, while others were named to campaign leadership posts.

It is also disappointing that Corzine has embraced Senators Lautenberg and Menendez, both of whom voted AGAINST affordable prescription drugs for Americans.

Roberts was one of the elected officials that made a ton of money from Nielson Media Research, as revealed during a scandal, one of many, that rocked the McGreevey administration.

Roberts was also a key player in making Louis “Empty Suit” Greenwald chair of the budget committee despite the fact that he was totally unqualified for the position. Greenwald has been the subject of ethics complaints.


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