Christie’s Lead Shrinks

New Jersey liberals, never happy with the highest taxes in the nation are set to ensure that our taxes continue to increase and that the government harasses law-abiding citizens on every front.

Republican Christopher Christie leads Gov. Jon Corzine 39%-36% among definite voters, according to a poll conducted by Neighborhood Research, a survey firm run by conservative strategist Rick Shaftan.  Independent Christopher Daggett is at 6%.

Corzine leads 52%-13%-9% among liberals, and 40%-34%-4% among moderates.  Christie has a 63%-13%-7% lead among conservatives.  Undecided voters “skew heavily to the left,” according to the poll analysis.  Among seniors, Corzine leads 46%-32%-4%.

Christie’s lead has diminished after reports that he was totally stupid and failed to report a $40,000+ loan to a co-worker on his income taxes. This is inexcusable, as he has prosecuted corrupt politicians for doing the same.

However, this proves that most liberals lack the ability to think clearly. they are quick to judge Christie, but have forgiven Corzine, and applauded him for the $400,000+ loan he gave to his ex-girlfriend, and have totally refused to consider the inside deals with the unions that have cost NJ taxpayers dearly.

Corzine’s crime, and failure to report was ten-times more grievous than Christie’s, and yet this hypocrite that sold out NJ to ENRON scams has created a fake controversy.


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