To be Corzined – a verb

We rec’d the following in our inbox today. There is an amusing interactive website,

The Trenton Dictionary

Corzine [kohr-zine] verb
– verb (used with object)

to say one thing and do another

You just can’t believe anything Jon Corzine says.

He’s misled the citizens of New Jersey so many times, he now personifies what it means to say one thing and do another.   In fact, we’ve created a video and entire website dedicated to all the times Jon Corzine has lied to the people of New Jersey. Visit to learn more and write your own examples of times someone has told you one thing and then done something else – just like Jon Corzine.

Writing your personal story will only take a few minutes, but will send a strong message.   Please visit right now, watch our video, and send an unmistakable message to Jon Corzine that New Jerseyans don’t like being lied to.



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