Oroho: Corzine Must Ensure That Employment Data is Accurate

From PolitickerNJ.com:

By Andrew Pratt

Senator Steven Oroho, Republican member of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, said he is deeply troubled by published comments questioning whether Corzine administration employment data released yesterday accurately reflects what went on in the New Jersey economy in July. The report said the state had private sector job growth even as the unemployment rate rose to 9.3 percent, the highest level in 32 years. A prominent Rutgers economist quoted by Newhouse News Services said, “There are some elements of the data that are hard to believe.” In a Bloomberg article, that same economist is quoted as saying that reports of job growth in the state “are very surprising results … and let’s hope that they don’t disappear when the data revisions occur.”

“There’s nothing I’d like better than to see real job growth in our struggling state, but I’m afraid these reports may just turn out to be wishful thinking,” Oroho said. “Economists who follow employment numbers for a living are saying that something’s not adding up.”

Oroho said he noted that the state’s reported rise of 29, 700 jobs in 2007 was corrected in 2008 to show that in reality, just 4, 700 new jobs were created. Business must have reliable state data when making critical decisions about where to invest resources that create jobs, Oroho said.

“Inaccurate government data with subsequent large adjustments hurt New Jersey’s credibility and reputation,” Oroho said. “Governor Corzine should order the labor commissioner to re-evaluate the July numbers for accuracy and to review his department’s procedures to ensure that the statistics we provide to the public and businesses are as reliable as we can make them.”


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