One Week Later, Jon Corzine Answers Call for Transparency with Silence

By Chris Christie …

One Week Later, Jon Corzine Answers Call for Transparency with Silence

The Record and Monmouth County Sheriff Kim Guadagno called for Governor Jon Corzine to account for his reappointment of Michael Madonna to the New York Harbor Waterfront Commission.  Governor Corzine has refused to make his actions transparent.  As New Jerseyans ask for answers, Governor Corzine’s silence is further evidence of his out of touch approach to corruption.

While the Waterfront Commission operated under “no supervision, no accountability and no intention of fulfilling the mandate for which it was created,” taxpayers were footing the bill for its $11 million budget.  Governor Corzine owes them answers about why their hard-earned money was jeopardized by the rampant corruption perpetuated by Commissioner Madonna.

Sheriff Guadagno stated: “As the citizens of New Jersey struggle to make ends meet, Governor Corzine owes them answers about their tax dollars being wasted and abused by corrupt government officials.  Why Governor Corzine reappoint Commissioner Madonna in 2007 as this waste and abuse only escalated?  Why was the Commission allowed to operate for so long with zero oversight or supervision from the Governor’s office?  Why was Commissioner Madonna allowed to continue in his job while much of the top staff, including his New York counterpart, was removed last year?  Yet again, Governor Corzine is completely out of touch when it comes New Jerseyans concern about the culture of corruption in our state.  The citizens of New Jersey deserve better from Governor Corzine than his silence.”

Chris’ plan to combat corruption would establish an elected State Auditor to act as an independent watchdog to ensure the waste and fraud ensuing in the Corzine Administration end in January.  To read the entire plan to combat corruption, please click here.

Governor Corzine needs to make immediately clear what he knew and when he knew it:

  • Exactly how much of the Commission’s $11 million budget has been wasted?
  • What rationale was used by Governor Corzine in reappointing Commissioner Madonna in 2007?
  • Did the Governor personally interview Commissioner Madonna before reappointing him?  If so, what did they discuss?
  • What is the Governor’s counsel doing about this?
  • Why was the corruption only discovered by the New York State Inspector General investigation?  Why wasn’t oversight provided by New Jersey?
  • Why did the Governor permit Madonna to retire after finding out rather than outright firing him?
  • Who tipped off Commissioner Madonna that he was going to be fired?
  • Is it possible for Commissioner Madonna to still draw a pension despite the charges against him?

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