Corzine taxes healthcare to make it affordable!

Yes, Jon Corzine, the man who says one thing but always means something different. Corzine says he is in favor of affordable health care, but then taxed it and made it less affordable for working calls New Jersey residents. but then, what does he care? he is a multi-millionaire that got rich along with his Wall Street cohorts, all the while bankrupting America.

In a commentary published on new jersey, Governor Corzine recently wrote, “I believe health care is a right, not a privilege.”

But he neglected to note that he proposed and signed into law a bill (A-4108) that increased the tax rate on health insurance.

What’s next, Jon, taxing the air we breathe? That is about the only thing that you haven’t proposed a new tax or a tax increase on. So Jon has done everything possible to make health insurance less affordable to the New Jersey middle-class (all the while basking in hos FREE health-care, courtesy of NJ taxpayers) and then has the audacity to LIE about Christie’s stance.

To make health insurance less costly, Christie proposed allowing insurers to market policies that may not contain the benefits mandated by NJ law. For many young adults, many of the mandates are inappropriate or unnecessary. These “benefit-rich” and expensive policies are one reason why young adults forgo buying insurance. Allowing insurance companies more flexibility in designing policies would allow them to market cheaper policies and get more people insured.

Rather than engage in a substantive debate over Christie’s proposal, Corzine used the emotionally-charged issue of breast cancer to take a cheap shot. He implied that under Christie’s plan, insurance companies would stop covering mammograms.

Corzine’s lie is a blatant misrepresentation of Christie’s recommendation, and is nothing more than gutter politics of fear-mongering and utter distortion. Why?

NJ’s mammogram mandate is almost identical to the standard of care recommended by the American Cancer Society and followed by most doctors and insurance companies. Under that standard, an annual mammogram exam is recommended for a woman starting at age 40 and continuing for as long as the woman is in good health. And like the NJ mandate, the American Cancer Society’s standard of care also recommends that a younger woman who is at-risk for breast cancer get an annual mammogram.

In other words, insurance companies encourage certain women to have breast exams. Put differently, it’s in their financial interest to cover breast exams. So, any health insurance policy offered by an insurer is likely to include mammograms.

Why can’t Jon Corzine stick to the real issues of solving New Jersey’s skyrocketing proeprty taxes and $10 Billion deficit in 2010 that Corzine caused? Maybe it is because Jon has no answers. Corzine has no solutions.

I don’t think Christie will be the best governor we ever had, and he certainly needs to clean up his own act. But barring him pulling another Whitman, he would have a difficult time being worse than Corzine.


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