Corzine Ousts Waterfront Commissioner that he Appointed

In 2007, Jon Corzine appointed Michael Madonna to oversee the Waterfront Commission. Corzine just fired Madonna for failing to see that the entire commission was racked with corruption.

The bi-state commission suffered “a total agency breakdown” under Michael Madonna and others, said New York State Inspector General Joseph Fisch in last week’s announcement. “Instead of ridding the waterfront of corruption, this agency itself was corrupt.”

Among other alleged abuses, Madonna punished a police lieutenant whistleblower by transferring him from Brooklyn to New Jersey, placed unqualified applicants on the commission’s police force and ignored his own conflict of interest by overseeing the commission’s police division while serving as their bargaining boss for the seven years he was president of the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association.

Perhaps Jon should take his own advice and oust himself. Jon Corzine has been in charge of New Jersey, a state that has seen nothing but political scandal after political scandal under his reign. He has not only failed to put a halt to corruption, but he has blindly praised many of the people that are now facing indictments.

Corzine appointed a new commissioner. Let’s hope he used better judgment on this one. Jon certainly used very poor judgment in the hiring of Madonna, and even poorer judgment in waiting until Madonna had time to file for his pension before firing him.

Chris Christie criticized the governor for not firing Madonna sooner, as information about the questionable ethical practices came to light. The delay allowed Madonna to file for his state pension, Christie noted. “If I were governor, I would have fired him on the spot,” Christie told reporters.

Jon, it really is time for you to say goodbye.


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