Corzine is a Hypocrite

Jon Corzine is making a big stink about Chris Christie failing to properly file his taxes and include a personal loan and income from that loan to a “family friend”. Christie is absolutely in the wrong, and we expect a prosecutor to be above board, even on stupid crap like this.

However, Corzine has never once uttered a word about tax cheat Timothy Geithner being the Secretary of the Treasury, and advocating tax increases on every American all the while filing false tax returns and failing to file income when he was self-employed.

Corzine needs to shut his fat trap until he is willing to denounce Obama’s piss-poor choice of a tax-evader – someone guilty of evading tens of thousands of dollars in taxes – a CRIME that is far worse than missing one line item on a tax return.

Christie made one mistake, as far as we can tell, as opposed to years of intentional tax fraud committed by Geithner.


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