Another Democrat involved in money scandal

Jon Corzine seems to like to pump money into the very corrupt Atlantic City Machine. How many AC mayors are still in jail? It seems that every single Democrat involved in Atlantic City politics is crooked, or at least under suspicion. Take Wendy Sturgeon, for instance.

A Democratic candidate for Hamilton Councilwoman who worked for a non-profit slammed by the state Comptroller says her job was to write press releases and place advertisements and said she played no role in the misuse of funds for cruises, dinners in Atlantic City, and a trip to Florida.

Sturgeon says that her role with the Hamilton-based Allies, Inc. did not involve decision making at the management level.  Sturgeon was the Director of Marketing and Public Relations from 2007 to 2009.

Her LinkedIn profile says differently.

wendy sturgeon’s Experience

  • Director of Marketing and Public Relations

    Allies, Inc.

    (Non-Profit; Non-Profit Organization Management industry)

    September 2007January 2009 (1 year 5 months)

•Development and implementation of strategic vision for marketing and advertising efforts for a statewide non-profit organization that assists people with developmental disabilities with a $22m annual budget.
•Creation and dissemination of all corporate written communications press releases.
•Key company contact for networking and involvement in organizations and statewide functions

Wendy is certainly not a high profile political figure. However, her plight is indicative of the corruption that runs rampant throughout New Jersey. Jon Corzine promised to address the run-away corruption and total lack of ethics in NJ politics. He has failed miserably.

State Comptroller Matthew Boxer has alleged that Allies misused funds meant to service the developmentally disabled, including $111,851 to cover the cost of two cruises, $2,690 to pay for dinner at the Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar at the Tropicana casino in Atlantic City, and $1,345 for a trip to Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

$2690 for dinner at Cuba Libre? That must have been one hell of a Bacardi and Coke! When is this nonsense going to end? Obviously not while Corzine is in power.


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