Democrats Insurance Plan leaves you paying

New Jersey had the highest auto insurance rates in the nation. It was a campaign issue that made and broke candidates. Our disgraced governor Jim McGreevey, good friend and mentor of Jon Corzine, came up with a solution.

His solution? Screw the middle class. He allowed for a tier of insurance for the very poor that did nothing but provide them with coverage for their own injuries (coverage they already had under any number of other New Jersey programs providing emergency health care for the poor) but providing absolutely no liability coverage.

Beau Scott, of Brigantine, at first felt some relief when he learned the driver who had crashed into his parked Ford Explorer had insurance.

His relief turned to outrage when he learned the driver belonged to a special class of motorist whom New Jersey exempts from its own law requiring liability coverage.

Scott’s damaged car has been sitting in his driveway since the mid-July accident. His insurance company gave him $2,700 toward repairs for a crumpled rear panel and bumper, but he can’t come up with the rest of the $4,000 estimate to restore his car to mint condition.

This is typical of the New Jersey Democrat solution to every program. Protect the special interests, and place the burden on the working middle class. Jon Corzine has failed to address this growing problem. Why should he? After all, when he is in an accident, the taxpayers pick up the tab.


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