Who will run New Jersey?

An interesting article in the Courier Post this morning outlines the sheer number of lobbyists that Jon Corzine has embraced to help him run New Jersey if by some miracle he should win reelection.

On the one hand Jon Corzine is trying to pretend that he and Barach Obama are cut from the same cloth. Of course this is a blatant lie, as much of Jon’s career and life has been. he lied to us when he claimed his business acumen would help him save New Jersey. Instead, we discover that he was just another Wall Street tycoon that got rich off of others, and was one of the architects of the banking collapse that pushed this country into a severe recession. meanwhile, Jon and his banker buddies all walked away with millions upon millions.

Obama, to his credit, adamantly refused to take donations from lobbyists. Corzine? he can’t get enough of their money or advice. Jon is going to allow lobbyists dictate New Jersey policy for the remainderof his current term, and certainly for the entirety of his lame duck term should he somehow ooze back into the Governor’s office.

Jon recently hired Jamie Fox, lobbyist and adviser to the corrupt and discredited Bob Torrecelli.

Lobbyist Patti McGuire joined Corzine. She’s with Princeton Public Affairs Group, Trenton’s biggest lobbying firm, which had $7.8 million in receipts. She once was deputy chief of staff to Corzine and worked for U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez. She also had a political relationship with former Hudson County Executive Bob Janiszewski, who went to prison for taking bribes.

Bill Maer, another lobbyist, just joined the Corzine Camp. These people do not represent the middle class New Jersey taxpayer, but special interests working against our fight to reduce property taxes and make New Jersey affordable.  All of these people have clients that are paying them. The conflict of interest is staggering, but this does not bother Jon Corzine in the least. One of his cabinet members was caught up in the recent corruption probe, and Democrats throughout the state are weekly being arrested, indicted and sentenced – but Jon Corzine has nothing other than empty words about this rampant corruption,

His ethics reforms was empty rhetoric that did nothing but protect his political cronies. His reform that would deny pensions to corrupt officials does NOT take the pensions away from those convicted. His double-dipping reform still allows politicians to hold two, three or more political positions and pad their pensions to obscene levels. he has repeatedly sided with the unions, giving them special treatment while thumbing his nose at the working class that are unemployed due to his policies, and whose unemployment benefits are running out (not that it matters, the unemployment fund has been depleted).


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