Corzine’s Red Herring

As Corzine continues to sink in the polls, desperation sets in. He will grasp at anything to creat controversy where none exists. He is currently trying to discredit Christie because he had some private conversations with Republican spin-man Karl Rove about the possibility of running for office while he was governor. These talks have the Democrats panties in a twist.

“Jon Corzine and his campaign are doing what they do best: making false accusations to distract from the real issues,” Christie spokeswoman Maria Comella said.

Discussions about the possibility of some future plan is not the same as “planning a campaign” as the Corzine camp continues to lie. Corzine is attempting to paint Christie lto be like one of the many corrupt Democrats that Corzine lauded and applauded recently until they were arrested for a major corruption scandal that permeated New Jersey. Anything to throw attention away from Jon’s deplorable record on fighting corruption, or his many broken (almost every) campaign promises.

“At best, there’s an appearance problem,” Corzine said Friday. “The administration of justice shouldn’t be compromised with politics. Whether one crossed the line on the Hatch Act or whether that’s an appearance issue, I don’t think that’s a healthy position to be in.”

The appearance problem that Corzine needs to be concerned about is the appearance of major wrongdoing that was covered up, and evidence contained in the emails between Corzine and Carla Katz just prior to the felonious union deals that benefited the unions and costs New Jersey taxpayers deeply.

Corzine’s campaign knows that there was no wrongdoing. They are capitalizing on the factthat Christie had some connection to Rove, and Corzine is still running against George Bush.

What I want to hear from Corzine is what he is going to do to close that $10 BILLION deficit the New Jersey faces next year because Jon pushed off this year’s debts. What the voters in New Jersey want to hear is what Jon is going to do (no lies broken promises this time) to lower property taxes like he promised four years ago? Everything he has done has pushed more mandates on the municipalities to balance Trenton’s budget, and caused property taxes to increase across the board.

When is this guy going to come back to the real issues that face New jersey?


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