Why did Corzine allow Waterfront Commission corruption?

From the Waterfront Commission website: “The Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor (WCNYH) was established August of 1953. Under statutory mandate, the mission of the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor is to investigate, deter, combat, and remedy criminal activity and influence in the Port of New York and New Jersey. The Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor also ensures fair hiring and employment practices, so the Port and region can grow and prosper.”

Ha! To most residents of New Jersey, it is no surprise that the commission itself was as corrupt as any criminal enterprise they were supposed to combat.

One tip-off came when a candidate for waterfront detective kept falling asleep while standing up.

A second came when another would-be detective faked a West Point pedigree.

A third aspiring detective twice failed his entry exam — until he was given the test answers in advance and performed spectacularly.

It was these and other hiring abuses, two former police officials said Wednesday, that turned them into the unlikeliest of rebels — whistle-blowers against their longtime employer, the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor. The two officials, the former police chief, Brian Smith, 54, and a former acting chief, Kevin McGowan, 56, both since dismissed by the commission — in retaliation, they said — called their decision easy. “Kevin and I had to make a critical choice: Go and report it, or don’t say anything and commit wrongdoing,” said Mr. Smith, now a part-time security consultant. “Was there any choice in the matter?”

And, it is not at all surprising that Jon Corzine appointed one of the criminals at the helm. Corzine laughably accuses Chris Christie of lapses in ethics when he has been oblivious to corruption of the worst sort all around him. Corzine has repeatedly appointed and sought advice from corrupt officials.

As uncontrolled corruption over the years at the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor raged on and ultimately resulted in a “total agency breakdown,” Jon Corzine obliviously reappointed Michael Madonna in 2007, one of the architects of the corrupt activities paralyzing the Commission.  Despite repeated lip service about fixing the corruption problems facing New Jersey, Governor Corzine is too frequently asleep as the switch and consistently caught by surprise when his appointees and fellow party officials find themselves under investigation, indictment or conviction.


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