Corzine fiddles away – Jersey burns with corruption around him

While Jon Corzine is busy gallivanting around the state pleading with the voters to give him another four years – four years for what he can’t say – yet another agency under his control is audited and found guilty of blatant waste bordering on the criminal. Bob Ingle reports:

A new audit shows lavish and unneeded expenses were billed to the state by an agency hired to provide services to the state’s developmentally disabled.The audit by Comptroller Matt Boxer shows the state’s’ Division on Developmental Disabilities lacks accounting oversight for hundreds of contracts with outside agencies for housing, day care and training for38,000 developmentally disabled New Jerseyans. The audit showed the division paid 10 providers $1.4 million for life-skills training that wasn’t delivered. None of the following should surprise regular readers either: The expenses in the audit were billed by Allies Inc. of Hamilton, which is headed by a former Developmental Disabilities employee,  Krystal Odell. She was director of the division for six months and does not face criminal charges. Among the expenses she billed the state was $1,999 for installation of a a GPS navigation system in a company car, the audit found.

Meanwhile, Corzine allows this outfit to continue to do business in the state.  Ingle continues in another article:

Remember, it was Corzine who said he was coming to Trenton to change the way they do business. I think part of the governor’s problem is he surrounded himself with hacks and hangers-on from previous administrations who don’t know any other way of doing things. Anyway, notes:  “He’s added Jamie Fox who had held key posts in the McGreevey administration including Chief of Staff.  Earlier he was on the staff of former U.S. Senator Torricelli.  Torricelli dropped out of his re-election bid after questions of him improperly accepting jewelry, other gifts and campaign contributions.  Fox is currently a lobbyist.” (Does any of his clients do business with New Jersey?) The web site observes “Bill Maer’s resume includes a number of political roles.  One was as a top advisor and spokesman for the indicted Bergen County Democratic Boss, Joe Ferriero.” Then on to Hudson County with “veteran … Pol and current lobbyist, Patti McGuire. McGuire previously served as Deputy Chief of Staff to Corzine.  She once worked for Bob Menendez.  We wonder why her resume doesn’t include her political relationship with former Hudson County Executive Bob Janiszewski, who was nabbed taking bribes.”

Corzine promised to change the way New Jersey does business, and then surrounded himself with the same criminals that have extorted millions upon millions from the state. There is only one way to fix New Jersey, and that is to rid the state of the criminal element that we presently call government.


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