Once again, Corzine blind to possible corruption

Corzine is bragging about bringing millions in federal subsidies to New Jersey, all the while ignoring the fact that many politicians and officials in the cities on the receiving end have already been found to be corrupt. And yet he still refuses to put any safeguards in place to ensure that this money is not misused.

The state auditor has raised red flags about how efficiently Camden, Atlantic City, and others will manage millions of federal stimulus dollars, in light of recent accounting and fiscal problems.

“If the historical risks identified in past audit reports are not addressed, one can expect similar transparency, accountability and grant compliance issues to occur with these and other [stimulus] program funds,” according to the auditor’s report.

It seems that every week we hear of ANOTHER official or politician from Atlantic City being caught in misconduct, but Corzine is willing to give them a blank check. It is time to stop Democrats from allowing other Democrats from lining their pockets and engorging themselves from the public trough.


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