Corzine weak on corruption

Harvey Smith, Democrat Assemblyman caught in the recent corruption sting is refusing to step down. Corzine shows a total lack of strength and ability in allowing elected officials to operate under a web of suspicion.

Assemblyman L. Harvey Smith (D-Jersey City), one of six Democratic elected officials arrested in last month’s widespread federal corruption sting, is refusing to resign his seat in the wake of the scandal. In a letter to Assembly Speaker Joseph Roberts (D-Camden), Smith said that he is entitled to the presumption of innocence. “I believe that resignation of my position of assemblyman is inconsistent with that presumption,” Smith said.

Smith is correct, he does have a right to the presumption of innocence. But New Jersey constituents are entitled to legislators that are able to perform the duties they were elected to perform. Our rights as taxpayers trump his right to make a point! Smith needs to step down immediately and allow a person that is not working under an indictment of alleged wrongdoing to fulfil the duties of an Assemblyman.

Corzine has a duty to display one iota of leadership and demand that those in the Democratic party do what is right for the people of New Jersey, not what is right for their own wallets.


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