Corzine’s DYFS stops publishing data

The office of the Child Advocate, under Corzine, shuttered a large window of transparency recently. Attempting to hide this move from the public, no announcements were made when the department decided to cease publishing detailed child-fatality reports.

The state has quietly decided to stop publishing child-fatality reports such as the one that held DYFS accountable in the Bennett case and in 34 other child deaths since 2003. The Child Advocate Office did not formally announce the change, but confirmed it in a Star-Ledger report last week.

This is yet another Jon Corzine broken promise. Corzine promised transparency in government, yet his administration has been anything but open. Budgets happen behind closed doors. Union negotiation happen behind closed door, closed bedroom doors according to many.

How many more children have to die due to incompetence at all levels of the state bureaucracy before real changes are made?


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