DeCroce demands that Corzine take action to stop corruption

Alex DeCroce is accusing Jon Corzine of standing idly by while the state sinks under the load of corrupt elected and appointed officials:

“I would have thought that the conviction of more than a hundred corrupt public officials since 2002 would have sufficed as wake up call for the governor,” said DeCroce, R-Morris and Passaic. “But Corzine’s response to last week’s arrest of another 44 people by federal agents for money laundering and corruption is disappointing and disturbing. Instead of rising to the occasion and showing leadership, Corzine failed once again to give any indication that he is prepared to take decisive action to address the mounting crisis of confidence.

“People are disgusted that more and more public officials are betraying their trust. Lips service and inaction only feeds their growing cynicism. We must act now.”

Don’t expect Corzine to do anything of substance. In the past four years he has failed to enact any legislation of substance. His ethics reforms have been so full of holes that they have been totally ineffective in preventing corruption.  The pension reform that supposedly prevents convicted officials from collecting a pension is a total joke, and a slap in the face to every New Jersey taxpayer. Convicted politicians are still collecting most of their pensions despite the fact that they trampled the constitution and spit in the face of the electorate.

Jon Corzine, in effect, has thumbed his nose at every New Jersey voter.


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