Crzine fails to enforce affordable college tuition promise

Once again, Jon Corzine either lied, or broke his promise to the voters of New Jersey. He promised to keep college tuition affordable. This is a  direct contradiction of his promise to New Jersey residents, he allowed Ramapo College to levy a 12% increase ($1,000 per year) fee on New Jersey students that attended this school.

Republican Senate Whip Kevin O’Toole, Bergen, Passaic and Essex, said he was outraged, but not surprised by Governor Corzine’s decision to allow Ramapo College to raise tuition and fees by 12 percent. With administration approval, the school is taking advantage of a supposed loophole in state law. New Jersey’s budget bans colleges that raise in-state “tuition and general fees” by more than 3 percent from receiving federal stimulus aid. Most other colleges met the cap, The Record of Bergen County reported, but Ramapo levied a “capital improvement” fee of $1, 000 per full-time student. The money will go to repair a roof and an air conditioning and heating system, the Record reported. The governor’s office didn’t return repeated calls seeking comment on the 12 percent increase, the Record reported.

The cost of education is steep, with New Jersey leading the pack (who would have guessed) with some of the highest tuitions in the nation. Corzine promised to cap increases, but why would we expect him to keep that promise when he hasn’t kept any other promises?


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