Corzine’s banker buddies robbed us blind

Did you ever wonder why Americans are so fascinated with John Dillinger and other outlaws? It could possibly be related to our independent nature and our hatred of the notion of the rich and privileged sucking our life blood.

In a recent report, it turns out that while manifold Americans were being kicked out on the streets having lost their homes, hundreds of thousands of others were fired, laid off, or otherwise lost their life savings, Jon Corzine’s banker friends made out like millionaires. Literally.

At least 4,793 bankers and traders were paid more than $1 million in bonuses last year even as profits at the biggest banks dwindled and they accepted tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer money, according to a report released on Thursday by the New York attorney general’s office.

It is no wonder that Corzine is so out of touch with new Jersey voters. A multi-millionaire himself, he cannot possibly understand the hardship of a $1000 surcharge to college levied by Ramapo College, in defiance of his promise to limit college tuition increases to 3%. Pretty soon, Jon Corzine will be the only student that can afford an education in New Jersey. hopefully his education will be that you cannot lie to the public and expect to be wisked back into office.


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