Cammarano to step down

The mayor of Jon Corzine’s home town of Hoboken, Peter Cammarano should be proud. he will go down in history as not only the mayor to have served the shortest term in New Jersey, and definitely in Hoboken, he can be proud that his first achievement as mayor was to take  $25,000 in bribes. Talk about not wasting any time!

Jon Corzine announced Cammarano’s resignation, possibly trying to appear as if he does have influence over the corrupt elected officials that until last week were his closest friends!

According to the story, Dawn Zimmer will fill in until a special election this fall:

Hoboken City Council President Dawn Zimmer, who lost by 161 votes to Cammarano in a runoff election last month, will become the acting mayor, PolitickerNJ reported.  A special election will be held in November to fill the seat, the web site reported.

Zimmer lost a hotly contested primary. She didn’t have the masculine good looks and charm of Cammarano. Hopefully she will not be as greedy for bribes as he was either.


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