New Jersey is an Ethics-Free Zone

Scandal in New Jersey, this is nothing new. The sole Republcian was fired from his job as Lumberton administrator. One of Jon Corzine’s cabinet members, not arrested, was asked by Corzine to step down for the good of Corzine’s campaign. This move had nothing to do with the good fo the state. In the past Corzine has defended his friends that have been accused of wrong-doing and urged them to fight.

The basis of the FBI sting was that an informant was posing as a developer, handing out bribes to officials that were more than willing to accept, in exchange for “help” in getting projects approved.

So it is disturbing to realize that in the wake of this widespread corruption in the state, with no end in site, that Corzine’s stimulus plan is to give millions of dollars of taxpayer money to developers.

What is even more disturbing is Corzine’s failure to recognize that the ratables chase and unchecked development only ends up costing taxpayers more in infrastructure costs, and escalates our already highest in the nation property taxes.

“The finished products are going to create a multiplier effect of generating tax revenue for a city that’s strapped,” (Newark mayor) Booker said.

His new bill also authorizes even more new consumer taxes.

But the stimulus measure also allows some towns to establish new consumer taxes in the middle of a recession. And it comes at a time when taxpayers, thanks to state budget cuts, are carrying the weight of cutbacks to many state programs, including property tax relief.

With the housing market only now beginning to rebound, and no guarantee that there will not be another wave of foreclosures on people that took out adjustable rate loans in 2007, the last thing New Jersey needs is widespread and ill-considered, unplanned residential development, “affordable” or otherwise.

Corzine needs to concentrate on wiping our corruption, especially from within the rank and file of his own party; and should apologize to all New Jersey residents for failing to guard the public trust.


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