Dennis Elwell does the right thing – for once

My girlfriend asked me to kiss her where it smells, so I took her to Secaucus.

Politics really smells throughout Jon Corzine’s New Jersey these days. Arrested for accepting bribes, Dennis Elwell finally did the right thing and announced his resignation in a terse one-line letter today.

Of course we have to presume him innocent, as we do the other 43 people that mistakenly took bribes, inadvertently sold body parts illegally, and were caught in one of the largest FBI stings in this century.

However, we do have to urge every politician caught in this net to step down. Surrounded by suspicion, it will be impossible for them to perform the jobs they were elected to do.

Corzine made a half-hearted effort to admonish them to do the right thing, but he lacks the leadership skills to ensure that New jersey is not only free of corruption, but free of the appearance of corruption. We the voters are sick and tired of being the brunt of jokes from the likes of people from Illinois and Louisiana!


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