Corzine once again blames Law Abiding Gun Owners

Corzine is once again blaming law-abiding gun owners for the acts of criminals.  Corzine asks why any person would need to purchase 13 guns in a year. I ask why any person would need more than $100 MILLION dollars in their bank account.

Corzine has had four years to enact change in New Jersey. Positive change. Instead, we see ridiculous acts of corruption right under his nose. When he has a chance to appoint judges with backbone, he refuses.

For instance, Corzine appointed a new judge to the Cumberland County Superior Court in 2009. One of this judge’s first cases involved a gangbanger, a juvenile with a loaded illegal weapon.

The judge, anti-gun himself, had the chance to take a criminal off of the streets, after he has proved that he disrespects New Jersey’s toughest in the nation gun laws. This so-called juvenile – he was 17 years old, old enough to know the law – had a loaded weapon on his person at a shopping center. The car he was in also had four more illegal weapons in the trunk.

Corzine’s judge sentenced this criminal to $45 court costs, 15 days community service, and a suspended 45-day jail sentence. This is in blatant violation of New Jersey’s mandatory 5-10 years behind bars for a crime with a gun.

Corzine will continue to hammer law-abiding citizens, branding hunters and target shooters as criminals while his liberal judges continue to allow criminals to walk.

Corzine is using a recent tragedy as his platform. He blames law abiding gun owners for the deaths of a police officer. Never once does he blame the criminals. He doesn’t mention that the weapon used is not covered under his new law. He doesn’t mention that the majority of gun crimes are committed with illegal weapons purchased out of state.

For once we would like to see criminals held accountable for their actions. We would applaud any action to take illegal weapons off the streets. Perhaps if we could trust our elected officials, there would be enough room in the prisons for the violent offenders.


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