Jon Corzine is touting his stimulus package. He claims this will get New Jersey out of the slump caused by his Wall Street buddies.

“Without a doubt, the current global economic crisis has presented us with of one of our greatest challenges, but it is also one of our greatest opportunities,” Corzine said in the bill signing ceremony.

Corzine is never one to miss an opportunity, especially if it is an opportunity to levy yet another tax.

…the stimulus measure also allows some towns to establish new consumer taxes in the middle of a recession. And it comes at a time when taxpayers, thanks to state budget cuts, are carrying the weight of cutbacks to many state programs, including property tax relief.

Way to go Jon! Jon is apparently unfazed by the massive corruption uncovered by the FBI in New Jersey last week. He could care less that his Attorney General is clueless when it comes to uncovering corruption.

The bill is also fueling concerns about accountability after last week’s widespread corruption arrests by the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Unlike the federal stimulus initiative, the state effort does not require recipients of the tax breaks and other incentives to meet any new standards on transparency in exchange for government help.

Who needs transparency. Corzine broke his own promise of transparency shortly after being elected. We will just trust our elected officials to behave properly. Perhaps they can pick up their share of the stimulus money in a cereal box in a diner parking lot in Bayonne.

This stimulus package is nothing more than a boondoggle providing millions of dollars to the same blighted Democratic strongholds such as Newark. This package rewards the same sorts of developers that have been implicated in the recent massive bribery scandal. It will only reinforce pay-to-play in the state.


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