Corzine a weakling – scoffed at by his own party

The biggest scandal to hit New Jersey – illegal human body organs for sale to the highest bidder, money laundering, and bribes consisting of small bills in cereal boxes in diner parking lots – the writers for the Sopranos couldn’t make this stuff up. It is politics as usual in the Garden State.

All but one of the high ranking politicians are Democrats, caught red-handed. The tapes prove that everything is for sale in New Jersey, for the right price. Corzine’s choice for Attorney General has proved ineffective and the FBI had to come in and clean up the mess. Corzine tried to sound tough and demanded his Democrat former friends and probably soon to be felons resign.

Their response? A resounding laugh in his face. They are not going to step down, they are not going to resign. Corzine has proved that he not only makes bad choices in his appointments and those politicians with whom he has formerly aligned himself, he has proved that he has no respect from the rank and file. Even Norcross wants him to step down from this election and allow Cory Booker to step in as a candidate with proven leadership skills.

What a long strange trip its been.


One Response to “Corzine a weakling – scoffed at by his own party”

  1. Corzine is as corrupt as they come. I keep hearing the media claim “we don’t believe he is corrupt”. BullS***!

    He lied about the money he gave to Katz. The total he paid her comes to arounf $6 million – and he never gave an appropriate explantion for his largesse.

    Corzine also tried to hush up the hush money given to Rocco Riccio, Katz’s brother-n-law.

    Sure, he hasn’t sold human organs for oprofit – but he allowed all of this to happen under his watch.

    I agree with Obama, it IS time for a change!

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