Chris Daggett picks running mate

In just now:

Independent gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett has tapped a veteran educator as his running mate for lieutenant governor.

Daggett today named Frank J. Esposito, interim dean for the College of Education at Kean University in Union, to his ticket.

Daggett broke with recent trends to select either persons of color or women as running mates.


3 Responses to “Chris Daggett picks running mate”

  1. alexhiggins732 Says:

    No We cant stand another 4 Years, his record speaks for itself And Christie, the king of Pay to Play is no better. He is running on ethics, yet used his power as Attorney General to award a prosecutor a multi-million contract in exchange for dropping prosecution against his brother (AIG stock specialist) for committing massive trading fraud. Yes the same AIG we are all on the hook to bail out.

    The cancer of corruption, both outside the law and under the cover of law, is so deeply embedded in our government that — unless we are going to put the FBI on a monthly retainer to watch our politicians — only a truly big change is going to make any difference,” Daggett said.

    Daggett has routelinel called the kettle black and acknowledges that our political system is corrupt on both sides red and blue. It’s time for NJ to stand up and send these clowns a message.

  2. Daggett, and manyother have called the kettle black. However, there is only one person capable of winnign the elction this November. Don’t be a spoiler and waste a vote.

    Is Christy the best choice? Time will tell if he can effect change, or if he will be just another Whitman (god forbid).

    But the fact is, NJ CAN NOT afford another four years of corruption and fiscal mismanagement. At least Christy has a proven record of putting corrupt politicians behind bars.

  3. alexhiggins732 Says:

    The I’ll vote for Daggett Pledge

    “I want to vote for Chris Daggett, but only if he has a real chance of winning. He needs pledges from 100,000 people like me. I don’t want to wait til Election Day to find out that those votes existed, but we were all afraid to cast them. So, I’m signing my name below, with my address to prove that I’m real, and pledging that if 100,000 people like me sign up, I will vote for Daggett.”

    Take the I’ll Vote For Daggett Pledge Here

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