Cammarano insists on his innocence

Peter Cammarano claims that none of this happened!

On or about May 19, 2009, the Consultant and JC Official 1 met the CW at a diner in Hoboken, New Jersey where they were joined by defendants Cammarano and Schaffer. During this meeting, defendant Cammarano discussed the prospects of winning the runoff election between himself and the other remaining candidate on June 9, 2009, and stated that “[r]ight now, the Italians, the Hispanics, the seniors are locked down. Nothing can change that now. . . . I could be, uh, indicted, and I’m still gonna win 85 to 95 percent of those populations.” After defendant Cammarano indicated that he would have to leave shortly to film a television commercial, the CW told defendant Cammarano that “I’m gonna do the, you know, five thousand cash with [defendant Schaffer],” prompting defendant Cammarano to respond, “Beautiful.” The CW reminded defendant Cammarano “[j]ust again, don’t put my name on anything,” to which defendant Cammarano assured the CW, “No, no, no.” Defendant Cammarano then indicated that he would accept the $5,000 “[t]hrough my good friends,” as he pointed in the direction of defendant Schaffer. The CW asked defendant Cammarano to “make sure you, you know, don’t forget to expedite my stuff.” Defendant Cammarano assured the CW that “I won’t, I won’t. You were, you were, you were with me early and often.” The CW then mentioned that “[the Consultant] and, uh, [JC Official 1] — we, we saw some properties that — not too far from us — around the corner from, uh, Toll Brothers. . . . So, uh, you know, once we come in for something, just, uh . . .” Defendant Cammarano replied, “Yeah,” and then told the CW that “Michael will tell you that, this is, this is something that I don’t know, I don’t know how many times you and I have had this conversation,” to which defendant Schaffer interjected, “Yeah.” Defendant Cammarano then stated “this is the way Mr. Schaffer and I both see the world through the same lens, right. In this election, hopefully, we, we, we, you know, we get to the point where I’m sworn in on July 1st, and we’re breaking down the world into three categories at that point. There’s the people who were with us, and that’s you guys. There’s the people who climbed on board in the runoff. They can get in line. . . And then there are the people who were against us the whole way. They get ground . . . They get ground into powder.” The CW remarked that the latter group would have to wait for approvals on their projects for “[t]hree years,” and that they would be consigned to the “[b]ottom of the pile.” Subsequently, the CW told defendant Cammarano that “[the Consultant] or [JC Official 1] will call you once we have the property to buy, just make sure we got your support.” Defendant Cammarano thanked the CW and stated, “You got it.” The CW then told defendant Cammarano that “we’ll do another 5,000 once you win. Hopefully, what is it, June 2nd, or whatever?” Defendant Cammarano informed the CW that the election was “June 9th,” and the CW reiterated that “[w]e’ll meet ya’ a couple days after you recover, we’ll do another 5,000.” Defendant Cammarano replied, “Definitely,” and left the diner.


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  1. […] can get away with a lot. In 2009, Hoboken, New Jersey’s then-mayor, Democrat Peter Cammarano III, told an undercover FBI agent that he could be indicted and still win “85 to 95 percent” of the vote […]

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