Mayor Jerramiah Healy is “JC Official 4” in corruption scandal

PolitickerNJ broke this story today:

Since the indictments of more than a dozen Jersey City officials and political figures came down yesterday, Jersey City has been rife with speculation about the identity of “JC Official 4” – a high ranking Jersey City elected official who turns up prominently in the federal complaint against Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini, city official Ed Cheatam and political consultant Jack Shaw.

Okay, first things first. Only in New Jersey would a city official named Cheatam be elected, and then indicted! The top Democratic leadership in New Jersey is in sorry shape. It is downright embarrassing. It is one thing to be totally corrupt, and it is another altogether to do it so badly.

Senator Menendez proudly supported Healy in the recent election. Obama gushed over him. He is often in Corzine’s company, and now we find out that he is involved peripherally in the corruption scandal to hit NJ.

According to the complaint, JC Official 4 first met with Dwek on March 13 of this year, along with the three defendants.  The complaint does not quote him at that meeting, with only Shaw and Cheatem telling him that Dwek “the CW was ready to develop real estate with JC Official 4’s ‘help’ and ‘assistance,’ and JC Official 4 was further advised by the CW that ‘approvals are key.'”

After JC Official 4 left the meeting, Shaw allegedly told Dwek to make the payments through him, after which Beldini assured him that she and JC Official 4 would “help move” his real estate “approvals” along.

The money was paid to the JC Official 4 campaign through $10,000 tickets to a fundraiser, according to the complaint.  Beldini is quoted telling Dwek that “[w]hat we’re trying to do is put money into different funds so we can, when we need it, funnel it back into [JC Official 4’s election fund]. Which everybody does.”

According to the complaint, Shaw described JC Official 4 as “very happy” with the contribution.

Are the voters of New jersey ready yet to kick the scum out of office? Unfortunately, we don’t think so. North Jersey has the politicians they deserve. Unfortunately for those of us that reside in the southern half of the state, we get stuck with North Jersey’s garbage.


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