Corzine just doesn’t “get it”!

In the midst of one of the biggest scandals to hit Jersey politics Corzine is proving that he just does not get it. Nobody is accusing Corzine of being corrupt, merely inept.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a Christie backer, also weighed in, telling The Star-Ledger: “No one has suggested that Jon has been anything but an honest man, but how effective has he been in reforming the systemic condition? “

Giuliani hit it square on the head. How effective has Corzine been? Illegal sales of human organs, bribes and money laundering happening right under his nose.

Corzine spokeswoman Elisabeth Smith pointed to the governor’s own record on ethics reform, which includes eliminating pay-to-play practices, the ability to hold dual offices at once and pensions for convicted public officials.

Way to go Jon, bring out your record of ethics reform.

A toothless pay-to-play law that allows large companies in one county to make hefty campaign contributions to the Democratic Party of another county and still get no-bid contracts from party bosses, as long as those contracts are not in the county they contributed to.  No mechanism in place to ensure that campaign contributions made to the other county are not filtered back to the party original county. No effort has been made to stop pay-to-play, only to stop the appearance of pay-to-play.

Dual Office Holding:
Anybody that was holding dual offices and double-dipping in the taxpayer-funded pension trough was allowed to continue this nefarious practice that is illegal in other states. Corzine made sure to protect his buddies.

Pensions for Convicted Public Officials:
Again, a toothless and meaningless law. We have public officials that have been convicted of felonies that continue to receive their taxpayer-funded pensions. Why? Jon’s law only affected the pension of the office the lawbreaker was holding when they committed the crime they were convicted of. They continue to receive the two, three or four OTHER pensions, being able to retire on more income than most hard-working New Jersey residents earn in a year.

Again, Corzine took the easy road, pretending to institute reform but actually accomplishing very little.  Corzine has done absolutely nothing to combat corruption, it took federal intervention to bring these miscreants to justice.


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