Senators demand that Corzine take action on fiscal crisis, Corzine declines


July 21, 2009

Honorable Barbara Buono, Chairwoman

Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee

Two Lincoln Highway, Suite 401

Edison, New Jersey 08820

Dear Senator Buono:

We are writing to request that you immediately convene the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee to begin addressing what the Office of Legislative Services has identified as a more than $10 billion structural deficit in our State’s Budget and our Unemployment Compensation Fund. We strongly believe that it would be irresponsible for the committee to take the rest of the summer off and not begin working together to address a looming structural deficit that is so large, it pulls our State towards insolvency.

We have called on Governor Corzine to begin addressing the structural deficit, but he refuses to acknowledge it, much less take steps to address it. We feel that while the Governor remains paralyzed with indecision, the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee must fill the leadership void and begin the hard work of addressing the largest structural deficit in the State’s history.

We stand ready to participate in whatever schedule of meetings you may develop.


Senator Tony Bucco
Senator Kevin O’Toole
Senator Steve Oroho
Senator Phil Haines
Senator Joe Pennacchio
Senator Marcia Karrow


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