Corzine continues to slide downwards

Last week Corzine brought in Obama to support him in his failing campaign to be re-elected. Corzine is grabbing at whatever straws he can oblivious to the fact that he is going to lose this fall.

Corzine is seriously out of touch. Watching his campaign ads it seems he is running against George W. Bush. Wake-up call to Corzine, Bush is NO LONGER president!

Corzine is trying to ride on Obama’s coat-tails. Corzine is promising to do to New Jersey what Obama is doing to the USA. Unfortunately, the public is not too happy with Obama’s progress. They like the man, not his political acumen.

I was amused when Obama, in supporting Corzine, asked the audience if it was “time for a change?” I actually do believe it is time for a change. The Democratic leadership in Trenton with a decade of total control have destroyed this state’s ability to compete in any market other than the market of begging for money from Washington. We are in first place on all of the wrong lists.

Corzine’s hopping on Obama’s coat tails is not going to be a winning tactic for him. People like Obama, call it the cult of personality. And that is Corzine’s shortfall. He is no Obama. Jon Corzine is the sort of person that you would ignore at a party other than for the fact that he is rich, and he is governor.

Obama was right, it IS time for a change!


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