The Camden Boondoggle

The Camden Chief said he wants to exert dictatorial powers over the city until 2030 in a move that infuriated Camden taxpayers.

The Gov. Corzine-appointed chief operating officer of Camden has recommended that the city remain under state control until about 2030, saying the local elected politicians don’t have the “guts” to make unpopular decisions.

Talk about unpopular decisions, how about making a decision to follow the rules? Jon Corzine hasn’t had the guts to force Theodore Davis, retired judge and political hack to file a report with the state biannually. The judge has decided to use his own interpretation of biannual. the primary definition of biannual is twice yearly. Davis opted to use his own definition of once every two years, and still failed to accomplish that. His report, even by his own corrupt interpretation, was six months late.

Could it be that this Corzine appointee wants to keep his insane salary of 220,000 a year?He has no clue why taxpayers would be up in arms with his salary, the highest in the state.

In his own words:

he detailed how the city, among the poorest and most dangerous in the country, has an overwhelmed court system, an undermanned police force, an underequipped fire department, and so few public works employees that city “lots and buildings cannot be adequately maintained.”

In seven years of state dictatorial control, with the infusion of hundreds upon hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, Davis and his predecessor have failed to accomplish anything positive in this city, other than to flush tax dollars of hard working residents from the rest of the state into the toilet we call Camden.

In short the constitutional rights of the voting citizens of Camden have been circumvented. Davis claims it has to do with the elected officials not having the guts to take the proper action. Perhaps it has more to do with the corrupt Norcross Democratic Machine to which both he and Jon Corzine are beholden?

It is obvious that nobody in state politics has “the guts” to do what needs to be done. Surely not davis, and especially not Jon Corzine.


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